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GordoToneCable Foundry makes vintage, retro-styled guitar, harmonica mic & audio cables with superior audio performance & sonic quality.

Each GordoTone cable is a expertly hand-crafted, custom built work of functional art - no factory robot production junk here! We use the industry's finest materials available. From top shelf Mogami® instrument cable and Neutrik/Rean® gold plated jack plugs, to the unique vintage look cotton overbraid patterns, all the way down to the genuine hand machined & polished phenolic or ebonite jack covers.

Our harmonica mic cables are manufactured for harp players! These cables feature a straight 1/4" gold plated, phenolic covered plug on one end and a Switchcraft® JT-30 type screw on adapter on the other.

mojo spoken here

Handcrafted in the U.S.A. GordoTone guitar and harmonica microphone cables are a blend of quality craftsmanship and vintage mojo that you won't find with imported or bargain bin cables. Not only will you be looking good, you'll be sounding good. We here at GordoTone not only make the cables, we play them!

Quality engineered. Musician tested. Road tough. All of our cables carry a limited lifetime warranty. If you hadn't thought about it, the name 'Gordo' is Spanish for fat. And Tone? Yeah, it's all about the tone. Musicians LOVE tone. Fat Tone. Whether it be from a prized vintage tube amplifier to a historical '57 Strat. It's for the love of sound.

So I thought that when a musician spends several thousands of dollars on guitars and amps, why do I see them plugging into their vintage gems with a $9.95 bargain-bin cable? "That can't be good!" I said, even though no one was listening.

From my years in engineering, testing and failure analysis, my first thoughts are always logical and utilitarian. I mused how can I assure that the signal from the guitar to the amp is not tarnished, impeded or altered?' I studied the data sheets of course. I decided that I would find the best cable in the industry. I did. Then I thought, ok the cable is as high performance as it can get, but when the cable is terminated that introduces another weak link. Actually two. The plugs! Time for more data sheets. (I'm loving this stuff) Again, I settled on the best performance jacks that I could find. [More...]

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